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A collection of wonderful experiences, ideas, people and objects
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...a highly curated installation of found objects, antiques, art, and indoor garden. Primarily it is a domestic space that has served as a nest for New York art, artists and counter culture since 1989. In support and celebration of that community, it occasionally acts as a venue for film, photography, fashion shoots, and low impact events.


The curation of the collection has been an ongoing process of collaboration and chance: many people have contributed their skills to it and much of what is on display was discarded at some point, or inherited or given.  One of the goals of the decor is to emphasize that style does not have to be purchased - that it can be created from the materials at hand.

HoC RoMo Conservatory TeeteringBulb Desk
HoC RoMo Conservatory MosesD Detail NWBD
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 THE House


The HoC is a South facing space with 12 foot ceilings and a big open plan center which includes an entry area, kitchen, living room, garden, a mirrored wall reflecting a tin covered partition featuring a large antler and cow bone installation area, and a raw birch sleeping loft, several radial bedrooms rooms and a workshop. Just off the entryway is a room we call the Conservatory which boasts a Chickering Piano from 1913, a sitting area surrounded by books, and a craft desk topped by shelves full of antique boxes of supplies and curios. The bathroom is paved with hand gathered river shale and features a clawfoot tub with a copper enclosure. 

Objects on display throughout are mostly gathered from rural abandoned places, found on the sidewalks of NYC, or gifted from members of the community.

Community Contributions

The House of Collection has always been a collaboration of it’s residents and community members...

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